Published On: Thu, Jan 19th, 2017

Expect traffic disruptions due to street repairs around new Merida convention center

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With an investment of more than 100 million pesos ($5 million USD), major repair work will start Saturday Jan. 21 on Colón Avenue, an important artery in Merida’s northern hotel zone.

The Secretary of Public Works, Daniel Quintal Ic, said that the urban rescue of this important transit route of the city includes the wiring of cables, remodeling of facades, lighting of trees and maintenance to the artery in general.

The state official said that the works seek to alleviate traffic and give a new face to the area surrounding the future International Congress Center of Yucatan.

“The investment for the remodeling of Avenida Colón amounts to 100 million pesos. This Saturday will be the starting signal for work that will last on average about five months of construction,” he said.

Traffic disruptions will result from repair work on Avenida Colon starting Jan. 22. (PHOTO:

Traffic disruptions will result from repair work on Avenida Colon starting Jan. 21. (PHOTO:

“It is also intended to give a respite to this important artery of the city, because the project will also be helping to decongest the roads around one of the most important hospitals in the city, the Juárez of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) ),” he said.

Quintal Ic commented that the remodeling works extend from the roundabout of the Dondé plant to Calles 60 and 62 that converge with Colón.

The official detailed that the stretch included would be from Itzaes Avenue to Paseo de Montejo, where it is intended that there will be underground wiring to remove all the tangle of high voltage cables and the feeder lines to buildings and homes.

Street closures

For its part, the State Government alerted citizens to the closure of the roads, starting on Sunday January 22, including Colon and Cupules Avenues, in addition to 60 and 62 streets.

Residents, motorists, pedestrians and businesses are advised to take precautions and alternate routes.

Map shows street closures with alternate routes.

Map shows street closures with alternate routes.

High Impact

For more than 20 years, no investment was made in infrastructure works of great impact such as the urban renewal of Avenida Colón in this area of the city.

Hotel Zone

At least six hotels will be opened in the vicinity of the International Congress Center of Yucatan, as these accommodations are in the planning and development stage, so they are expected to be inaugurated at the end of the year.

The leader of the Mexican Chamber of Hotels of Yucatan (CMHY), Ricardo Dájer Nahum, said that private investors are behind these new projects.

He mentioned that the conceptualization of a hotel takes time, so he said that it will be at the end of the year when they are concluded.

“We know that these are private investments that will be made in the vicinity of the International Congress Center of Yucatan; There are six projects for hotels that are in the process of permitting and this will take between six months to a year of planning,” he said.

The new hotels will generate healthy competition with those already operating in the area. He indicated that these businesses will increase the number of rooms with what is expected to achieve an increased influx to the tourist destination.

Regarding the resources that will be invested in these projects, Dájer Nahum said he did not know the amount of investment that will have the six lodging projects.




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