Published On: Wed, Sep 28th, 2016

Thousands of taxi drivers mobilize in caravans against Uber

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CANCUN — In protest against transnational transport company Uber, at least three thousand members of the Union of Taxi Drivers “Andrés Quintana Roo” staged a motorcade in just over 50 kilometers of highways in Cancun on Tuesday Sept. 27.

The anti-Uber caravan occurred simultaneously with demonstrations by colleagues in five other states in the Southeast: Chiapas, Tabasco, Veracruz, Campeche and Yucatan.

In the Yucatan Peninsula, similar anti-Uber caravans by taxi drivers took place in Merida, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and elsewhere. In total throughout the Peninsula, mobilizations involved an estimated 30,000 taxi drivers who are members of unions opposed to Uber.

Thousands of taxi drivers formed a caravan in Cancun. (PHOTO:

Thousands of taxi drivers formed a caravan in Cancun. (PHOTO:

The Cancun caravan was the second public demonstration of this association, with the mobilization starting at 8:30 am on Highway 180 back to the airport highway linking Cancun with Chetumal.

The mobilization, which ended at 1 p.m., was supervised by six Municipal Transit Police patrols, three vehicles of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (Sintra), two tow trucks, three units of the Municipal Preventive Police (PMP) and an ambulance of the Red Cross.

Erasmo Abelar Chamber, deputy secretary general of the Union of Taxi Drivers “Andrés Quintana Roo,” said their protests will not stop until Uber is made to stop its illegal labor.

He said the intention was not to cause any problems in the transit of citizenship, so they planned in advance the specific points where they would move.

In Cancun, traffic congestion was recorded on Avenida Luis Donaldo Colosio.




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  1. Richard hum says:

    I was in cancun recently and the taxi drivers are quite brutal in their interactions with suspected Uber drivers. The situation is very bad because the taxi union is quite violent towards Uber. apparently they have special police who confiscate your vehicle and tow it to a compound where you must pay to have it released and I’m talking about more than a few bucks. I myself saw yelling and screaming going on between taxi officials and suspected Uber drivers who were not even Uber drivers. My Uber driver was afraid to drop me off in front of a ferry terminal in case of altercation so we had to walk back a block.

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