Published On: Tue, Jul 12th, 2016

Campeche authorities violently evict street vendors from park

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Employees of Campeche City Council violently evicted street vendors from the Park of the Flags (Parque de las Banderas) in downtown Campeche, allegedly following orders from both the Governor and Mayor.

The situation got out of control on Saturday July 9 when municipal employees expelled the artisans and vendors without showing any order or official eviction document.

The arts & crafts vendors argued that they had previously reached an agreement with the municipal authorities to work only on weekends.

With tears in her eyes, Mildred Góngora showed her permits and payment receipts up to date, while City Council employees called for backup, and law enforcement officers arrived onsite, making the vendors leave with excessive use of force.


Law enforcement officers arrived onsite, making the vendors leave with excessive use of force. (Photo: yucatan a la mano)

But vendors did not yield, arguing they were not officially notified of the eviction; and so municipal inspectors began to write down such reports and deliver them to the evicted sellers.

Merchants initially refused to sign, but they were “persuaded” by inspectors and law enforcement agents to give way, and ended up signing and leaving the premises with their merchandise; but not before shouting slogans against the mayor, the governor and the PRI political party.

Street vendors said that ever since the beginning of Alejandro Moreno and Edgar Hernandez Hernandez dministration, three years ago, they have been harassed, humiliated and treated almost as criminals. And they claimed that all they promised during their political campaigns were nothing but lies.




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