Published On: Tue, Jul 26th, 2016

Belize family harassed in Bacalar in taxi dispute

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BACALAR, Q. Roo — On Thursday July 21 a family from Corozal, Belize was harassed and provoked at Bacalar by members of the local taxi union in Bacalar, according to

The Belizean family visited Bacalar in a green car for pleasure and were intercepted by members of the union, which is affiliated with the PRI party of Gov. Roberto Borge Angulo. The family of five was reportedly forced to get out of the vehicle as they were accused of stealing customers.

Belize family was reportedly harassed by Bacalar taxi drivers. (PHOTO:

Belize family was reportedly harassed by Bacalar taxi drivers. (PHOTO:

Local media reports add that residents in the area as well as tourists witnessed the family being verbally and physically harassed. The union members are reported to have also provoked the family into a full-fledged physical fight but after fifteen minutes the union members were able to verify that the Belizean taxi driver was indeed there as a tourist with his family.

They were allowed to leave, the media adds, but no authorities arrived at the scene to assist the family.

Media reports are that the union members have been stopping and harassing taxi drivers from both Chetumal and Belize, accusing them of stealing their customers. It appears the situation has been ongoing for some time with authorities being “complacent” with the union members and not doing much to stop them.




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