Published On: Thu, Jun 30th, 2016

Authorities find no animal mistreatment at Centennial Park Zoo

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After a review was conducted following complaints filed for mistreatment of animals in Centennial Park Zoo, the local branch of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) ruled out offenses or irregularities in the handling of the animals.


Profepa also reported that the zoo remains first choice in Yucatan to guard animals confiscated in their operations.


The press office of Profepa in Yucatan informed that on June 9-10 inspectors conducted a thorough review of the conditions in which animals live, the food they receive, and the physical conditions of the facility.  


The opinion of the inspectors ruled out ill treatment against various species in the park.

Centenario Zoo in Merida has been cleared of animal mistreatment. (PHOTO:

Centenario Zoo in Merida has been cleared of animal mistreatment. (PHOTO:


“These inspections did not detect any case of animal abuse or improper handling of wildlife protected by the Wildlife Management Intensive Property (Pivms)”, they explained.


The complaint alleging ill-treatment was made by the Citizen’s Animal Movement of Yucatan association, represented by engineer Ernesto Guerrero Maurin.


The Agency reported that the inspection of zoos is constant and is part of the annual operating program of Profepa.


In fact, on June 5th authorities of Centennial Park had responded to an alleged ecocide. 




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