Published On: Thu, Jun 23rd, 2016

American tourist shot in Cancun nightclub bathroom

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CANCUN – An American man was shot in a Cancun nightclub bathroom in what appears to be a drug deal gone wrong.

The incident Friday June 17 occurred at Dady’O nightclub in the heart of the Cancun Hotel Zone when 22-year-old Reyes Jamez of Texas was shot in the bathroom of the popular club. Police were called to the scene but denied access.

Jamez, who suffered an entrance and exit bullet wound in the back, was checked by paramedics but refused to be transported to a hospital. The Public Prosecutor’s Office initiated a case from the Standard Official Police Report of the Ministerial Police, however Jamez refused to provide an interview or file a complaint. He has also refused to leave his hotel room at Fiesta America in the Hotel Zone.

Police responded to shooting at Dady'O nightclub in Cancun hotel zone. (PHOTO:

Police responded to shooting at Dady’O nightclub in Cancun hotel zone. (PHOTO:

Jamez is visiting Cancun with his 23-year-old friend who provided a statement saying that Jamez and another man were in the midst of a drug deal in the bathroom of Dady’O when he heard a gunshot. He entered the bathroom to find Jamez arguing with another man while bleeding from his back. The two quickly left the establishment and returned to their hotel.

The U.S. Consulate made contact with Jamez but he refused to cooperate with authorities. Jamez and his travel companion, also from Texas, are visitors to the area.

Patrons milled about outside Dady'O nightclub following the shooting incident. (PHOTO:

Patrons milled about outside Dady’O nightclub following the shooting incident. (PHOTO:




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