Published On: Wed, Apr 6th, 2016

Yucatan positions itself as exporter of aircraft turbines for aerospace industry

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PCC Airfoils, a company based in Merida, has recorded sales of as much as $120 million a year. This company and others in Merida, a city which exports to the United States, Canada and other parts of the world, are positioning Yucatan as a recognized state for the aerospace industry.

Fernando Torres Parraud, Southeast regional coordinator of ProMéxico, said that in the Mexican Republic there are at least three states which are leaders in aircraft parts manufacturing: Sonora, Queretaro and Yucatan.

However, a total of 16 states have some representation of companies engaged in the manufacturing of aircraft parts, which has generated more than 27 thousand jobs.

Manufacturing and exporting of aerospace parts is a growing sector in Yucatan. (PHOTO: PCC)

Manufacturing and exporting of aerospace parts is a growing sector in Yucatan. (PHOTO: PCC)


“In this sector, important exports are made from the Yucatan. PCC Airfoils is dedicated to manufacturing turbine parts,” explained Torres Parraud.

PCC specializes in finishing the process of making turbines, especially in the manufacturing of blades and key parts, while operating turbomachinery which is responsible for diverting the flow of current in the aircraft.

The blades or propellers are made in plants in Oregon, United States, and are subsequently moved to Merida to be completed and then sent to different fina destinations.

“It requires specialized labor, each piece will have to undergo an X-ray to check if there’s cracks or casting defects needed to be rectified, processes that require advanced knowledge of welding. We are talking about nickel alloys, stainless steel and methane,” said Torres Parraud.

To carry out this procedure, you need specialized equipment; Merida has it. There is also manpower, with engineers focused on this sector. So far there are more than six thousand people in Yucatan working in the aerospace sector.

This sector began to develop about 2001 and continues expanding.

The company PCC Airfoils arrived in Merida in 2001, the year in which it invested $8.5 million dollars.

Now, Yucatan is a state known internationally for the aerospace industry.





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