Published On: Mon, Apr 25th, 2016

Operation “Escudo Yucatan” has the qualities to be replicated nationwide

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As part of his visit to Yucatan, the head of the National Commission on Security (CNS), Renato Sales Heredia, witnessed the effective video surveillance system operation of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) and held a working meeting with Governor Rolando Zapata Bello.

After a tour of the Police Intelligence and Monitoring Unit (Umipol) facilities at the SSP headquarters, the federal official was introduced to the “Escudo Yucatan” security strategy, whose extensive benefits and scope were explained by the state governor.

During the meeting, Sales Heredia stressed the importance of implementing the new scheme proposed by Rolando Zapata, as it is composed of three fundamental aspects:

  • Modernization of the legal framework
  • Use of technology
  • Strengthening of prevention

And he said that the model is worth to being considered to be applied in other states or even at a national level.


Renato Sales Heredia head of the National Commission on Security toured the Police Intelligence and Monitoring Unit (Umipol) facilities (Photo: twitter)

“The comprehensive security program “Escudo Yucatan” has the qualities to become a model project to be replicated nationwide, as it contains important aspects such as social prevention of crime,” Sales Heredia said in a meeting with the Secretary General of the Government, Roberto Rodriguez Asaf; the Director of the SSP, Luis Felipe Saidén Ojeda and State Attorney General, Ariel Aldecua Kuk.

Prior to the meeting, the commissioner and Saiden Ojeda toured the facility in order to supervise the operation of the 26 arches and more than 600 surveillance cameras distributed throughout the state: This type of technology has allowed the Yucatecan authorities to prevent, detect and punish criminal acts.

In that regard, the head of the SSP stated that, in order to strengthen the “Escudo Yucatan” operation, the number of video equipments will increase to total 800 cameras and 100 arches that will be strategically placed at major access points and avenues of the Yucatecan territory.


Sales Heredia said the comprehensive security program “Escudo Yucatan” has the qualities to become a model project to be replicated nationwide. (Photo: Twitter)

Afterwards, Sales Heredia visited the Information Analysis and Intelligence Unit (UDAI), where he received a thorough explanation of the procedures that take place there. At this point, the Federal Commisioner emphasized the importance of investing in this type of technology and train local police officers in its use to achieve a better prevention scheme.

“The criminal is a rational being, a person who calculates costs and benefits. If he is aware that the costs are higher because there are surveillance cameras that can detect him and become technical evidence in the new “Criminal Justice Accusatory System”, then he will not commit a crime, because he knows he is being monitored,” Sales Heredia concluded.


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