Published On: Tue, Mar 8th, 2016

The new Valladolid Zoo will open March 26

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On Saturday March 26th, a private zoo will be inaugurated in Valladolid with the presence of Governor Rolando Zapata. The zoo is owned by businessman Pablo Gotthold Beutelspacher Baigts.

This will be the second zoo in the State of Yucatán, not located within the city of Merida; the other one is in Tizimín.

The businessman declared that he has made an investment of 5 million pesos ($264,000 USD) in order to provide the city of Valladolid with this space to preserve animal species.

The zoo already has a wide variety of animals including many different types of birds, crocodiles, deer, wild boars, spider monkeys, hairless pigs and more than 1,000 large green iguanas, among others.

They are awaiting the arrival of a lion, a jaguar, a puma and an ocelot, whose habitats are ready to welcome them.

Gotthold Beutelspacher explained that the project has two objectives. The first is didactic, where children can learn about the fauna and flora of the region, the country and the world.

The other is tourism, because the zoo will be one more attraction for domestic and foreign visitors. The zoo will also be an incentive for tourists to spend the night in Valladolid in order to boost the tourism industry in the city.

He stated that the admission fee for local visitors will be $25 pesos, for Mexican nationals $50 pesos and for foreign tourists it will be $10 USD per person.

Paul Gotthold Beutelspacher Baigts, Valladolid Zoo owner, watching the spider monkeys. (Photo:

Paul Gotthold Beutelspacher Baigts, Valladolid Zoo owner, watching the spider monkeys. (Photo:

Children visiting the zoo on field trips will have free access, but they have to schedule in advance. In the case of family visits, the ticket price will also be $ 25 pesos per person.


The businessman Paul Gotthold Beutelspacher Baigts said that everything is ready for the opening of the new Valladolid Zoo, whose doors will open Saturday March 26th at 10 am.




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