Published On: Fri, Mar 11th, 2016

Lawyer charged with girlfriend’s murder had a drinking problem, victim’s mother says

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The Missouri lawyer charged with murdering his girlfriend in Playa del Carmen last week allegedly had an alcohol problem and had been cited in the U.S. for Driving Under the Influence as recently as last month, according to the woman’s mother.

In an exclusive interview with The Yucatan Times, Evalena Duncan, the mother of the deceased woman, Tamra Turpin, said that she has heard rumors that suspect John Loveless had a drinking problem and was prone to displays of temper. However, Duncan said she had not heard of any previous violent incidents between Loveless, 59, and Turpin, 36.

“He was kind to my daughter, and most people tell me they believe he worshipped the ground she walked on,” Duncan said in a telephone interview with TYT Friday March 11.

Responding to rumors that Turpin had a drug problem of her own, Duncan said that she and other family members did not know of any illicit drug use by Turpin.

Evalena Duncan, Tamra Turpin's mother (Photo: YouTube)

Evalena Duncan, Tamra Turpin’s mother (Photo: YouTube)

“If she had a drug problem, we were unaware of it,” Duncan, of Grand Prairie, Texas, said by telephone from the U.S.

However, Duncan said Turpin took medication for pain and migraine headaches that resulted from head and other injuries she suffered as a teenager in a serious auto accident. These injuries were the cause of her being declared disabled, Duncan said.

Loveless’ version of events that led to Turpin’s death March 2 at a rented vacation condo in Playa del Carmen is that he and Turpin had an argument, and that she took an overdose of medication and suffered seizures. Loveless has also claimed Turpin committed suicide.

Duncan said she is glad Loveless was ordered to face trial on the murder charge in August by a judge in Quintana Roo state Thursday March 10. “I clearly believe he murdered her. The autopsy showed she died from strangulation,” Duncan said.

Missouri lawyer John Loveless, left, has been detained in Playa del Carmen in connection with the death of Tamra Turpin of Missouri, in photo at right. (Source:

Missouri lawyer John Loveless, left, has been detained in Playa del Carmen in connection with the death of Tamra Turpin of Missouri, in photo at right. (Source:

Duncan said the family is concentrating on returning Turpin’s remains to the U.S., and that a fundraising effort for funeral and burial expenses has accumulated more than $11,000 USD.

“There’s been an outpouring of love and support,” she said.

The Yucatan Times contacted the U.S. Consulate in Merida regarding the status of repatriation of Turpin’s body. Consulate spokeswoman Tricia Olivares said she would confer with other Consulate officials and respond to TYT after this consultation.

TYT will publish this information as soon as it is available.


After this interview, many questions remain unanswered:

Why is suspect John Loveless claiming Turpin died of an overdose when a forensic examination by Mexican authorities found that she died of asphyxia by strangulation?

Why did Loveless neglect calling an ambulance, stating he believed Tamra was “resting comfortably”, when she actually ended up dead on that day?

Why did he flee the scene, abandon the body and attempt to board a flight to Atlanta at the Cancun airport, where he was finally arrested?

These are just a few of the questions that may be clarified as the case against John Loveless unfolds in a Quintana Roo courtroom.

By Alejandro Azcárate and Robert Adams for TYT


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  1. Joni says:

    Loveless is such a pos. I can’t believe he did that to her. Sadly…the family will not be able to find out what happened at least until Loveless makes his official declaration to the courts. Since they don’t have trials like we do..he will not even be in the courtroom at trial. Only attorneys from both sides will meet with the judge and present the story. Loveless’s attorney will submit his written statement as well as the prosecutor/family attorney for Tamra. The judge will take all witness accounts and more evidence at the time. Once all has been given to the judge…he has to weigh John’s weak, lame story against the mountain of evidence as well forensics and testimony from witnesses. Once the judge reviews it all he has a year to give judgement and punishment.
    Sadly tho…no facts will probably come out from the Mexican courts until Loveless makes his written statement of declaration (which is his side of the story)to the courts so he can’t try and back pedal and change his story if someone is feeding him information.

  2. Sandi says:

    Wtf is wrong here? Okay people say he worshiped the ground she walked on.what a joke. If he loved her so much then why would he not be crying his eyes out holding her knowing she was dead? Its not like he did not have the money to at least stick around until he found out exactly what happened he could have easily gotten a rescheduled flight.If you worship a person so much you would not leave them behind for any reason. He wanted out of there because he knew what he did most likely.

  3. sandra hawkins says:

    Prayers sent to both sides

  4. Dave Chen says:

    What is the name of John’s Mexican attorney?

  5. Bobby Davis says:

    He use to fly girls from social house to Mexico and pay them 1000 dollars to go with him. I know because he took my exgirlfriend to the same place he killed that lady

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