Published On: Mon, Jan 11th, 2016

UADY researcher transforms seawater for human consumption

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Jorge Lechuga Andrade, professor at the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) School of Chemical Engineering and winner has won the Mexican Institute of Chemical Engineers 2015 National Award. He declared: “to receive such a recognition is encouraging, but most important, it implies the responsibility of working with greater impetus; as if I was just starting my career”.

The educator was honored for his work “Design of a seawater desalination pilot plant, using reverse centrifuge osmosis, with Dean vortex generation”. The professor clarified that “if I was born again I would become a chemical engineer and do exactly what am I doing”.

“There are many satisfactions and generated products that have helped me to strengthen my experience and knowledge, especially to support today’s students who have extensive knowledge and skills in the management of information and communication technologies,” he said.

When asked what goals he has, Lechuga Andrade said: “To follow the line of research that I have outlined, raise awareness, increase the number of projects, and of course continue to support the training of students as a teacher and researcher; this is a motivation that commits me to be more efficient, but to take things with humility and gratitude. ”

The former head of UADY’s School of Chemical Engineering (third since the foundation of campus), explained that the award was granted for the work performed in order to reduce energy consumption and environmental impacts in the process of transformation of seawater for human consumption.

Prof. Jorge Lechuga Andrade with his recognition by the Mexican Institute of Chemical Engineers. (Photo: Milenio Novedades)

Prof. Jorge Lechuga Andrade with his recognition by the Mexican Institute of Chemical Engineers. (Photo: Milenio Novedades)

The award of excellence in the field of chemical engineering, is named “Cesar Baptista Montes” and was presented to the UADY educator in Mexico City last November at the “Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo”, during the celebration of the National Day of Chemical Engineer.

Lechuga Andrade stated that he completed his doctorate at the universities of Catalonia, Spain, and Toulouse, France in February 2011, and his thesis was based precisely on improving and innovating salinization processes. “Water is a problem, due to its pollution, and its demand for agricultural and industrial purposes”.

Practical Use

Professor Lechuga Andrade’s work focuses in industrial upgrading for commercial use and ensures contact with Mexican and foreign companies interested in desalinated water.



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