Published On: Wed, Dec 23rd, 2015

“Santa Cop” spreads the Christmas spirit in Mexican border city

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What to do when your police force has a bad rap as a result of past connections with organized crime and drug trafficking?

Dress up an officer as Santa Claus and send him out on the street.

That’s what the police did in the border city of Tijuana, Baja California, in Northwestern Mexico only there they call him Santa Cop and instead of a red suit his is police issue blue.

Antonio Medina Cabrera donned the outfit December 12 and went out spreading Christmas cheer in the community, along with good vibes about Tijuana’s finest. Normally, reports El Universal, citizens are fearful when approached by a cop due to the force’s poor reputation.

But when Santa Cop appears, out come the smiles and the smartphones; everyone wants a selfie of a friendly hug with Tijuana’s St. Nick.

Santa helps police polish their reputation (Photo: Mexico News Daily)

Santa helps police polish their reputation (Photo: Mexico News Daily)

The initiative is a program called Vinculación Social, or Social Connection, designed to bring the police closer to the community, particularly children. At Christmas time, its ambassador heads out into the city’s neighborhoods bearing candies and piñatas.

That’s what Santa Cop does best because when he attempts to direct traffic no one pays him any attention: all the drivers want hugs and selfies, too.


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