Published On: Mon, Dec 28th, 2015

More air connectivity and traveling options between Mexico and Cuba

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In November 2015, the Mexican Senate allowed the incorporation of changes in the transportation agreement between Mexico and Cuba, with the objective of strengthening their relationship and extending the amount of airlines and flights between both nations.

In order to boost tourism and investment in both countries, it took 82 votes in favor of the modification of the agreement which will increase air connectivity given that “any number of airlines may operate the agreed services on specified routes,” as stated on the official communiqué of the Mexican Senate.


Havana, Cuba (Google)

As Mexico is the second largest air platform to Cuba, (only second to Canada), it is extremely important that the air connectivity is expanded between Mexico and Cuba, because this will provide wider options for travelers, as well as promoting competition among the airlines, which will encourage them to provide better services at better prices.

Because of the opening that Cuba lives, it is necessary to provide adequate air connectivity, as a key tool in economic and social development of both nations”, said senator Mariana Gómez del Campo Gurza, head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Latin America and the Caribbean.

This change is of great benefit for both countries, it will attract a wider tourist flow, generate an important economic benefit, boost job creation, and forge social welfare.



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