Published On: Tue, Dec 15th, 2015

Mexico is invited by the U.K. to attend G20 Anti-Corruption Summit

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According to, Mexico has announced that it will participate in next year’s G-20 Anti-Corruption Summit and will present the advances made in the country over the years—despite the fact that President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration has faced a barrage of criticism over corruption scandals this past year alone.

The Mexican Minister of Public Administration Virgilio Andrade made the announcement on International Anti-Corruption Day last Wednesday, December 9th saying they were invited by the United Kingdom to speak at the event.


Will Corruption Take Down More US Allies in Latin America? British Ambassador in Mexico Duncan Taylor highlighted Mexico as an example of civility and democratic society, stressing the progress made in the country in the field of corruption, reported La Jornada.


President Peña Nieto Sanctioned Chapo Guzman’s Escape. According to Andrade, the country will tell its G-20 audience of Mexico’s success in reducing corruption and also participate in creating the meeting’s agenda.

“Mexico is cooperating in the construction of the agenda on pending issues that on a global scale are necessary to address, in respect to (corruption),” said Andrade from a special event at the British Embassy.

The minister added that the meeting is expected to occur some time between April and May 2016. The announcement may come as a surprise given the Mexican government has faced widespread accusations of corruption and impunity.


Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Britain has congratulated Mexico for reducing corruption. (Photo: Reuters)

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Britain has congratulated Mexico for reducing corruption. (Photo: Reuters)

In October, it was announced that the Mexican Senate questioned President Peña Nieto over various scandals, including the escape of the world’s most powerful drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, from a maximum security prison earlier this year.

The Senate also inquired into the controversial case of the 43 disappeared students from Ayotzinapa, in which local police, municipal officials, the army as well as the federal government are all implicated in the crime and the subsequent cover-up.


Disappearances, a Persistent Problem in Mexico. The president and his administration have also been questioned over dirty business dealings.

Last year, Peña Nieto and his wife were highly criticized when it came to light that the couple purchased a multi-million dollar home in Mexico City. The couple quickly reversed the tender after the scandal became public.


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