Published On: Wed, Dec 9th, 2015

Man shouted bomb threat and jumped from Cancun-bound plane prior to evacuation

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MEXICO CITY — The evacuation of a Cancun-bound plane at Mexico City International Airport occurred after a passenger activated an emergency slide before fleeing and shouting that there was a bomb on board, according to passengers and authorities.

On Tuesday Dec. 8, passengers had boarded Volaris flight 714 from Mexico City International Airport to Cancun and it was ready for takeoff when a man opened the exit and jumped out, a news agency reports.

All 179 passengers were evacuated from the plane, which was fully inspected following the incident.

A man is pictured jumping from the wing of the aircraft yesterday

Police and ground support personnel gather around the Volaris Airlines aircraft following the suspension of its flight

Xinhua News Agency reported that the passenger, who is currently being held for questioning, is ill and suffering from depression.

According to police source and witnesses, the man pulled the handle to activate the emergency slide and shouted that there was a bomb on board.

Authorities were forced to suspend the flight and move the aircraft to a secure area away from the building.

Mexico City’s International Airport said in a statement that the search found no explosive device.

According to police source and witnesses, the man 'shouted that there was a bomb on board'

A spokesman for Volaris said: “A passenger aboard Flight 714 made a bomb threat. The customers and crew are on the ground and are well.”

The incident at the airport follows another in November, which saw an airliner’s landing gear partially collapse as it landed.

Emergency crews rushed to the runway and surrounded the Magnicharters plane after its left-side wheel strut apparently buckled as it touched down at Mexico City’s international airport.

Airport authorities said some of the 139 passengers were treated for ‘nervous crisis’, but none of them or any of the five crew members were injured.




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