Published On: Fri, Dec 25th, 2015

Four sharks die in captivity at Cancun aquarium

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CANCUN, Q.Roo. – Four sharks have died in captivity at the Interactive Aquarium in Cancun’s Hotel Zone.

The four sharks that died were among the six who lived in the tourist attraction that also houses dolphins. On Sunday Dec. 20, staff found four of the six sharks lying dead at the bottom of the aquarium. The health of a fifth shark, which is a pregnant female, has been deemed in serious condition.

The incident was reported to representatives of civil associations. Sara Rincón Gallardo, president of the Humane Society, forwarded the complaint to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) to have the cause of deaths investigated, but it has been said that the issue does not lie in the jurisdiction of Profepa.

Four sharks in captivity were found dead at Cancun's Interactive Aquarium. (Photo:

Four sharks in captivity were found dead at Cancun’s Interactive Aquarium. (Photo:

The reasons for the four shark deaths remain unknown. The sharks were among a protected species. According to on-site information provided by Delphinus, the four dead sharks were a Bull shark, Sandbar shark, Lemon shark and Blacktip shark. Only two sharks remain alive inside the aquarium, one of which is the five-month pregnant female.

All six sharks lived in a 763,000-liter tank referred to as the Shark Tank where the company promoted interactive programs.

The Interactive Aquarium is located at Plaza La Isla at Km. 12.5 of the hotel zone. The aquarium offers swim with sharks, feed the sharks and shark encounters. The aquarium says the sharks were about 15 years old. According to Live Science, sharks such as the Great White have a lifespan of up to 70 years in the wild.

The aquarium has been in operation since August 2000.

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