Published On: Fri, Nov 20th, 2015

Retail chain Aurrera cuts down 7 trees, but plants 37 in their place

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The Sustainable Development Unit of the City of Merida confirms that the retail chain Aurrera planted 37 trees on the corner of Calle 20 with Circuito Colonias, by municipal government’s request, as a condition to obtain permission for the opening of their new store.

Earlier this month seven trees that were located across the street from what will be the new “Bodega Aurrera Chuburná”, were cut down to build a deceleration lane. Shortly after the city agency reported that the cut was made at the company’s request and authorized based on the protocol for environmental care, but conditioned to the planting of another 37 trees, in order for the operating license to be issued.

Whereas the project already had approval in urban matters, which meant an alignment and compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security and the State Government Seduma in traffic and the environment, respectively, Sustainable Development Unit applied a “standard of compensation for the deforestation of seven trees.”

On Wednesday November 18th, Sayda Rodríguez Gómez, director of the Sustainable Development Unit, confirmed that the company complied with planting the 37 trees in the area surrounding the new store.

Sustainable Development Unit of the City of Merida verified that reforestation was carried out before the first week of December, the date at which the retail chain would be requesting its operating license.

Planted trees belong to the Simaruba Bursera variety, locally known as Chaká (Photo:

Planted trees belong to the Simaruba Bursera variety, locally known as Chaká (Photo:

Sayda Rodriguez said she also ensured that the new business premises contains a total of 2,000 square meters of green areas and the remaining eight trees were respected, as was contemplated in the initial project.

The director said that usually when a tree with a minimum compensation of 5-1 is cut (as in this case), 35 trees must be planted. In this case, the reforestation finally reached 37 new trees.

The recently planted trees, which average two meters high, belong to the Simaruba Bursera variety, known in the region as Chaká or “Palo Mulato”. This kind of tree was chosen to be endemic and have a long trunk that branches at three meters high on average, which offers a wide shade and allows a good uptake of carbon dioxide; preventing the extreme heat in the parking lot.



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