Published On: Wed, Oct 28th, 2015

Strong winds bring high tides up to Progreso’s palapas

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PROGRESO — The sea again invaded Progreso’s west beach area on Tuesday Oct. 27 as palapas were surrounded by the swells.

On Monday at 12:30 p.m. a high tide of 0.6 meters surprised the tourists and cruise passengers from Carnival Freedom, forcing them to vacate palapas and lounge chairs on the beach boardwalk, where the sea rose 20 meters.

Tuesday at 5 pm swells raged and gradually invaded the beach and malecón before the eyes of the few strollers who arrived at the port and took to swimming.

Northwest winds, known as “Chikin ik”, recorded since Sunday, raged yesterday afternoon and affected the entire malecón and the beach area, especially the area where sand was excavated and brought to Uaymitún for the beach recovery program.

In the area from where they took sand, adjacent to the Center of Marine Technology Studies (Cetmar), the sea rose just over 50 meters.

Photo: Diario de Yucatan Winds brought high tides to Progreso this week.

Photo: Diario de Yucatan
Winds brought high tides to Progreso this week.

Residents who came to the beach indicated that this was the fear of the families, that once the coastal dunes were destroyed, the beaches would be unprotected and the sea would come in.

The fishermen insist that when the north wind rises, “Chikin ik” will calm down.

Meanwhile, octopus fishing has been paralyzed for 12 days, from Oct. 16, when northern cold front 6 struck bringing the subsequent bad times.

The fishermen are waiting for a change in the weather situation to resume fishing, because with the “Chikin ik” you can not go fishing in small craft as they can sink in the swells, said Florencio Azueta Peraza, veteran fisherman, 77 years old.

Source: Diario de Yucatan


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