Police promise arrests in San Juan cybercafe murder

Police said Monday Sept. 21 that their investigation into last week´s murder of the manager of a cybercafe in Mérida’s San Juan neighborhood is continuing and arrest warrants are expected to be issued soon.

The body of the victim, 29-year-old Ramiro Leal, who was night manager of Ciber 64 San Juan, was found by staff members who reported for work the morning of Thursday Sept. 17.

Leal´s body bore various stab wounds, and a trail of blood was visible leading away from the murder site, located at Calle 64 #566, across the street from San Juan Park.

Photo: formalprision.com San Juan cybercafe cordorned for murder investigation.
Photo: formalprision.com
San Juan cybercafe cordorned for murder investigation.


According to neighbors, the cybercafe is a meeting place for young homosexuals who use the site for dating or intimate relationships. The area is known for the presence of young males called “The Boys of San Juan.”

The business owner also operates a similar one near the intersection of Calle 66 and Calle 61, which is also frequented by people of the same sexual orientation.


SSP officers cordoned off the area ​​around the cafe to conduct their investigation. Investigators detained and interviewed the individuals who found the body, but so far no arrests have been made.

The victim’s body had no valuables, police said.

san juan cyber
Police vehicle outside Cyber San Juan, Calle 64 #566 (Photo: Milenio)

Sources:  Diario de Yucatan, Milenio Novedades



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