Published On: Mon, Sep 21st, 2015

New anti-kidnapping strategy to be implemented in ten states

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The national anti – kidnapping coordination (CONASE) said that 10 states have the highest kidnapping rates in the country, among them Tamaulpas, State of Mexico, Veracruz, Guerrero, Tabasco, Morelos and Mexico City.

Patricia Bugarín Gutiérrez, head of the CONASE declared that after analyzing the performance and needs of the specialized units in each state and the capital city, a new national anti-kidnapping strategy that will focus on ten states will be announced in November.

Patricia Bugarín Gutiérrez, Commissioner of the CONASE (El Universal)

Patricia Bugarín Gutiérrez, Commissioner of the CONASE (El Universal)

Bugarín Gutiérrez explained that the staff of the anti-kidnapping units will receive special training and the government will make sure that the investigation staff has everything they need to do their job. She concluded stating that the analysts will be certified.


Source: El Universal

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