Published On: Thu, Jun 11th, 2015

Speakon: Made in Mexico Instant Translation Messaging Service

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Users are looking for messaging applications that are simple, intuitive and provide them with new experiences; so a group of Mexicans took the opportunity and developed an app called speakON that delivers real time translating services for up to 60 languages and has other features such as lock-on conversations and time messages, that delete themselves after a certain period of time, at user’s will.

Carlos Gotlib founder of Speak On with Mexican celebrities Carlos Loret and Montserrat Olivier (Photo:

Carlos Gotlib founder of Speak On (right), with Mexican celebrities Carlos Loret and Montserrat Olivier (Photo:

Carlos Gotlib, CEO of speakON, and creator of the application, said:  “Our product is primarily focused on the business sector thanks to the function of translating, and so far, it has no direct competition“.


Gotlib stated that the app is free and available for devices with iOS 8 and Android operating system from version 3.

It was announced that a web version will be also available in a few weeks.



The young enterpreneur explained that users are free to use up to 25,000 characters for translation and once you use them all, you can buy packages of 25 thousand or 60 thousand characters, that don´t cost more than $ 5 USD.       “The money is used to pay Google for the use of its platform” according to Gotlib.



The speakON CEO concluded saying that the goal in the first six  months is to have 100 000 users worldwide and campaigns will be  implemented to have presence in countries such as China and  India.


This new app can come pretty handy for Expats living in Mexico that do not speak Spanish, since they will be able to send and recieve their messages in English, enabling them to have a better communication with Spanish speaking people through their mobile devices.


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