Published On: Fri, Jun 19th, 2015

A Message to Unhappy Expats Living in Mexico

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To some extent, I can understand but under no circumstance condone, the racist and ignorant words expressed by Mr. Donald Trump at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015 in New York City when he made his presidential announcement. –“They (Mexico) are not our friend, believe me… We have drug dealers coming across, we have rapists, we have killers, we have murderers.”

Probably Trump forgot that the borderline works both ways and Mexico also gets rapists, killers, and child abusers amongst others that go under hide when wanted by US authorities. His speech was extremely unkind and offensive to many people, Especially to those that have reached the United States with the hope of a better life for them and for their families and believe me, some of this people work 12 to 15 hours a day in the fields, with extreme temperatures, so they can halfway survive in the US and the rest of their earnings is sent to their homeland whether is here in Mexico or any other part of the world. Trump’s words are as hollow as himself and as fake as his hairpiece since this was nothing but another lame, pathetic excuse to hold on for a bit longer, to remain in the spotlight by scraping the very bottom of the barrel of lost popularity to the flavor of the day, week, month, year, just like others such as Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner, now Caitilyn or _______________ (Please think in the blank space the example you like best) have done before him to try to maintain those “15 minutes of fame” since that is the one thing that feeds his ego. Trump fits perfectly that very old Mexican saying “He is so poor that all he has is money”.

I believe that, for that one who tries to separate, there are thousands that believe in unification, learning and experiencing new ways of living. I can assure this since Mexico´s Institute of Statistics present in its numbers, that today, the country has well over one million of expatriates living here full time and during winter season it receives over 300 thousand more. It has become a place that many have chosen as their new home and have adapted to it with happiness, embracing its diverse cultural and traditional ways, enriching their lives as well as enriching ours here. This that has happened is an undeniable fact and respect has been the key to all. Here in Merida, the capital city of the State of Yucatan, I have had the pleasure of meeting expats that have grown into wonderful close friends and others that my wife and I might not be that close to due to distance, but are very well liked by us and many others. This is people that have brought much into our lives, city and our country.

Unfortunately, there are a few that stain the before said. This type of person hates living here, is extremely unhappy and for reasons unknown to me they do not leave and go back to wherever hole they crawled from. This people are tremendously rude to us “the locals” as they like to point out as well as their fellow countrymen and women, constantly making unfortunate comments or camparisons such as this one left at The Yucatan Times Facebook timeline, on Sunday June 7th after someone expressed its wish to move to Mexico:

“Hahahahah … just wait. Infrastructe sucks, the locals steal as a national pastime. No one knows how to repair things properly and the poeple hate us becuase They all think we are rich …. good luck. I have lived here for 8 years and can not wait to leave this shithole. Phone service might work if you stand on your roof. And remember, They Do not ant you working here. You need to live her for a few years and prove you can do a better job than than the locals ….. Best of luck ….. not dream here it costs a lot of money to renew your EVERY year visa… people are so stupid to think this life in Mexico is great …. if you live in a cardboard box maybe Mexico will be better for you. Oh, I forgot to tell you, Mexocan are very rude and nasty to us and each other”. (SIC)-

TYT Comment2

Image taken from The Yucatan Times Facebook page.


Yes, Latinos in general, Mexicans in this particular case, we can be a bit too overbearing in some ways, quite emotional and passionate about things, loud when talking and many other faults that to certain extent it comes with our up bring, education and our idiosyncrasy but like EVERYWHERE there are honest people just like there are others that are not. To this day I have not ever been in “Utopia land” where infrastructure is amazing, the locals do not steal as a national pastime, there are amazing, well prepared individuals that know how to repair things properly… basically everything peachy keen.

I lived and studied in the United States for some time and during my days there, I always tried, to the best of my abilities and beyond, to respect (I still do) the country that kindly opened its doors to me. I am married to an American woman from Missouri and she is the love of my life. We have been living here for some time as well, and she has always conducted herself with great respect for this country.

Many expatriates living in Mexico, as well as others currently residing in the United States have mentioned to me how much they feel ashamed of Trump´s statement regarding our country and its people. To them I say, don´t even worry about it… just consider the person who said it and to those who feel SO unhappy here in our country, don’t forget there are almost 2,000 miles of border where you can sneak back to the US or plenty of airports where I am sure a plane ticket can be bought to go anywhere… Including “La chingada”.

*José E. Urioste Palomeque
Merida Yucatan, Mexico
June 19th 2015

*José Eugenio Palomeque-Urioste is a Business Intelligence professional in the area of ​​Research and Development. He began his training process in mass media writing scripts for radio programs, commercials and advertising campaigns.  Since then, he has written for newspapers, magazines and mass media in Mexico and the United States, ranging from the professional to the editorial and has written 3 fiction novels that have been presented in numerous forums and literary competitions causing much controversy as to its content.



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  1. J J Trezz says:

    I wonder if the last name Palomeque has any relation with the character Juan Palomeque in the masterpiece of the hispánic literature “El Quijote” .By the way, Miguel de Cervantes in his novel,world could say that Mr.Trump is a Man with —-in Castellano– POCA SAL EN LA MOLLERA.

    • José E. Urioste-Palomeque says:

      Hello Mr. Trezz thank you for your comment. According to some old family stories (that only God knows if they are true or not) an ancestor of ours was a close friend of Cervantes so he used his name to give life to Juan Palomeque, the “tavernero” of the hostel to whom Don Quixote mistakes in the novel with the ruler of a fortress and Don Quixote asks to knight him… wish that gets fulfilled.
      Thank you for such interesting question, I hope you are satisfied with the answer!
      Best regards.

  2. Elizabeth Hudson says:

    Dear José E. Urioste-Palomeque, I have no use for Donald Trump and since he and I will never have a conversation I must take his speech at face value, as written. It was a nasty speech, and a self absorbed speech on the wonders of being Donald. We, you and I have no power to change his mind or to set the record straight. Like you I don’t know if he is mentally ill, a pompous a$$ or just pulling a publicity stunt. He is a smart man and he had his reasons to say such inflammatory words knowing full well the reaction of Mexico and Mexicans. There are many in the U.S.A. that believe every word he said is the truth and Mr. Trump is after their votes. They are frightened people, people with no power, people without hope.

    I agree with you on your assessment of Mr. Trump.

    You then went on to put down the expat community and put yourself on the same level as Mr. Trump. You used worn out phrases that racists use “My wife is American” and “Many of my best friends are Americans” before sprouting off about why they hate X or Y (be it race, religion, sexual identity etc,.).

    You gave one example of one person’s opinion without talking to them, without hearing him – he’s had some bad breaks. Frankly many of his complaints I have experienced myself,or heard other people say. Mexico is not perfect. I have gotten to experience racism and sexism, been ripped off, gotten shoddy workmanship and looked corruption right in its face. How I handle this is to embrace it as life’s lessons for me and not to sweat the small stuff. Living in another country gives you a new perspective…nothing is the same, the world is turned upside down. And yeah if you don’t like it go home.

    Life is neither black or white…but rather many shades of gray. We all experience our lives differently, we have good days and we have bad days. We say things that we wish we could take back, do things that we shake our heads at. We learn from our mistakes (Mr. Trump maybe not), so I’ll just put some of your words down to having a bad day, tit for tat or anger at a fool.

    You ended your article on such a down note, I heard Donald’s hate in your words. To you I say – “don’t sweat the small stuff”. You need a hug.

  3. Elizabeth Hudson says:

    Dear José Eugenio Palomeque-Urioste;
    I read your article with interest and though it was titled “A Message to Unhappy Expats Living in Mexico” it could have well been called “Why I hate Gringos and Donald Trump in general”.

    The thing is, Donald Trump is running for president and will say anything to get votes. Yes, there are lots of people who believe everything he says because they are without hope. Everyone needs a scapegoat and Mexico and Mexicans, are the number one target in the states right now. The U.S.A. is losing jobs to Mexico and Mexicans are taking jobs when they illegally cross the border. Believe it or not he’s very popular right now. This dingbat is in second place of those running for the Republican Party.

    As a gringa (not from the U.S.A.), I know that in Mexico, Mexicans like to blame Gringos. Not everyone but not a small number either. Gringos are the Mexican scapegoat. Our reality is not your reality – you are Mexican and are accepted – we are not. It is easy to blame outsiders.

    You quoted one person’s opinion of Mexico without interviewing him. You did not even try to find out why he felt this way. He has lived in Mexico for eight years and that is a long time. Was he having a bad day, bad month, bad year? There must have been quite a few years that he felt differently – What changed?

    I know that I have experienced racism, sexism and many of the things he hates about Mexico first hand. I view these experiences as life lessons. There are many things that I don’t like but there are so many great things about Mexico that I love. Mexico has enriched my life – the good the bad and the ugly.

    Your article will make Mexicans proud; they will agree with you, it will make them feel good.

    It made me sad, as there was so much hate, so much negativity. On one hand you praised and complimented expats and then you went in for the kill. You may not realize this but you used many of the worn out phrases that bigots use “ some of my best friends are…….”, “my wife is……..” (So I’m not racist). You worded it slightly differently but the message is the same.

    You have experience of what its like living in another country, with a different language and all the problems that come with being a foreigner – it’s hard sometimes.

    • José E. Urioste-Palomeque says:

      Hello Mrs. Hudson. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate you taking the time to read my editorial and write your opinion. Have a great day!

  4. Elizabeth Hudson says:

    Sorry about the two posts…I tried to post the first one on the 20th and it did not appear so today the 27th I rewrote my comment and lo and behold both suddenly appeared.

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