Published On: Wed, May 27th, 2015

Yucatan Positioned as Leader on Renewable Energy Sector

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Governor Rolando Zapata Bello, pointed that this current year Yucatan is retaking its leadership on sustainable energy, with several investigations and innovative environmental policies.

At the inauguration of the “Second Ministerial Meeting of the Alliance for Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas” (Segunda Reunión Ministerial de la Alianza para la Energía y Clima de las Américas)  and the Sixth Ministerial Meeting of Clean Energy (Sexta Reunión Ministerial de Energía Limpia), the governor explained the progress that the Yucatecan state administration have had in the past few years in matters of sustainable energy.

Zapata Bello precised that according to the National Inventory of Renewable Energy (Sener), Yucatan posses a unique potential production of 432 gigawatts in different sustainable technologies such as Biomass, Eolic and Solar Energy.

In presence of the Energy Secretary, Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, Zapata Bello underlined, “We also count with higher education institutions and research centers on renewable energy in our state“.

Yucatan Positioned as Leader on Renewable Energy Sector (Photo: SIPSE)

Yucatan Positioned as Leader on Renewable Energy Sector (Photo: SIPSE)

Coldwell mentioned that Latin America features different factors that complicate the renewable energy industry, such as electric energy access in remote areas, diversification of renewable resources, and the regional electric system interconnection.

He concluded remarking that the recent so called “energetic reform” will increase the number of electrical energy suppliers and will help the development of a “clean energy” industry in Mexico.


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