Published On: Sat, Mar 28th, 2015

8 fatalities in the State of Veracruz due to Weather Conditions

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Heavy rains, strong winds and hail have been blamed in the deaths of 14 people in Veracruz and Oaxaca since Thursday, where rivers have overflowed their banks, power has been cut and highways blocked due to landslides.

Eight of the deaths were in Veracruz, where most of the victims were swept away by flood waters in the municipalities of Atzalan, Medellín and Yanga. In one case the occupants of a taxi drowned after the vehicle was carried away by a strong current.

Chunks of ice floating in the floodwaters in Veracruz. (Photo: EXCÉLSIOR)

Chunks of ice floating in the floodwaters in Veracruz. (Photo: EXCÉLSIOR)

In Oaxaca, a helicopter owned by Teléfonos de México crashed, killing four people, and two others died after being struck by lightning in the Zimatlán district.

The Telmex helicopter was working in Santa María Chilchotla near the Puebla border when the pilot lost visibility and struck a hillside.

Civil Protection authorities say 414 homes have been damaged in 21 neighborhoods of Veracruz. Communication with nine communities has been severed and two bridges are out in Yanga and in Platón Sánchez.

Electrical service was lost in many communities, and drainage systems were not functioning due to chunks of ice formed by compacted hail.

At least 80 people are being housed in shelters in three communities.

The storm, brought on by Cold Front #43, also delivered high winds with gusts up to 49 km/h (31 miles per hour).

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