Published On: Tue, Mar 24th, 2015

4 suicides occur in less than 24 hours in Campeche

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An increase in the number of suicides has alarmed state authorities. In one 24 hour period, four individuals, two of whom were a couple, took their lives.

This brings the number of suicides in Campeche to 20, with 2015 looking like it will have a greater number of suicides compared to last year.


The first suicide was registered around 5:00 pm on Wednesday March 18th, in the suburb of Hopelchen. The victim was City Chronicler Cesar Armando Escalante Heredia of 74 years of age.

According to his 75-year-old sister who arrived at the scene and reported the incident, the body was found around 5:00 pm. She went to Cesar’s room, number 104 and found him there.  He had limited mobility and needed an electric walker to move around.

At around 8:50 on the same Wednesday, the C4 unit received a report of a married couple who had taken their own lives in a small apartment complex in Alvaro Obregón Avenue.

4 suicides occur in less than 24 hours in Campeche (Photo: expresso campeche)

4 suicides occur in less than 24 hours in Campeche (Photo: expresso campeche)

According to the witnesses and the staff of the Medical Forensics Team, the couple had hung themselves on a hammock hook in the wall. They left a suicide note, although the contents have not been released.

The mother was 38 years of age while her husband, identified as Freddy Raul Tuz Chavez, was 65. According to family members, economic issues led to the fatal decision.  They left behind their two orphaned children.


On Thursday March 19th, during the early morning hours, a 45-year-old man from the suburb of Esperanza was found hanging from a hammock hook, making this suicide number 20 this year in the state of Campeche.



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