January 2, 2015

According to the Mexican Association of Insurance Providers (AMIS) for the third consecutive year México registered a low percentage of stolen vehicles, although the numbers have remained low this crime continues to affect the national auto industry and the list of most stolen models of vehicles in México practically remains unchanged.

Nissan tops the chart, 5 of its models are on the most sold list in the country but they also have the same number of models in the stolen category, locating them in the highest amount of stolen models per brand, topping this list is the Tsuru, with 3.4 of every 100 units being stolen, this year reports show that 10,725 Tsurus were reported stolen. TheVolkswagen Jetta reported 1,888 stolen units, Nissan Sentra reports 1,526, Chevrolet Aveo 1,118, Nissan Tilda 820, Seat Ibiza 794, Volkswagen Jetta A6 780, Nissan Versa 750, the SUV Honda CR-V reported 712 and the Volkswagen Gol reported 512.


At the same time theft of motorcycles has risen, with the brand of choice being first the Yamaha and then the Honda.

Yamaha Motorcycle
Yamaha Motorcycle
Honda Motorcycle
Honda Motorcycle










Sources: Publimetro / Asociación Mexicana de Instituciones de Seguros (AMIS) http://www.amis.com.mx/amis/prensa.html /TYT Newsroom



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