Published On: Fri, Jan 2nd, 2015

Miracles Do Happen

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The Ryan Maudlen Story

As a follow up to a previous note from The Yucatan Times, regarding Ryan Maudlen,  A former Adelaide man stranded in Cancun, Mexico after falling violently ill.

Mr. Maudlen in Cancun´s hospital ICU

Mr. Maudlen in Cancun´s hospital ICU

Mr Maudlen was not expected to survive severe blood poisoning after emergency bowel surgery, linked to his Crohn’s disease, which causes bowel inflammation. With his mother Deb, 60, by his side, he was released from Galenia Hospital in Cancun, Mexico on his girlfriend Katharina Reigl’s 30th birthday. After being released Ryan commented that he was looking forward to seeing his Dad most of all. The avid Crow supporter was also excited about watching his first AFL game live since leaving Adelaide in 2007.

While his family celebrated his release from the hospital they still face financial ruin after being forced to pay over $100,000 dollars for Intensive Care. His insurance company, InsureandGo has refused to pay the bills, negotiations remain unresolved while his parents have been forced to remortgage their Modbure Height home. Luckily more than $107,000 has been donated through the internet after the revealed this problem.

Ryan Maudlen, released from the hospital.  Photo: Supplied by family

Ryan Maudlen, released from the hospital. Photo: Supplied by family


In an interview with “The Advertiser” Mr. Maudlen had nothing but kind words for his caregivers;

“To the Galenia hospital in Cancun I want to express my sincerest gratitude to all their staff for the kindness and support they provided throughout this entire ordeal, they showed genuine care and it was an emotional experience saying goodbye to these wonderful people that kept me alive”.  There are no words that can express the gratitude I feel towards all the people that have supported my family, Katharina and I. Thank you is just not enough. Using this second chance to do genuine good in this world is the only way I feel I can really say thank you.” He said.

“To my friends all over Australia and especially those in Adelaide, I look forward to personally seeing you to express my gratitude for your support. My friends all over the world have been amazing to get behind me. I always believe that when you find good people in your life you hang onto them as long as you can. There are so many people over the years that I’ve kept on my life because they are such good people.” He added.

He fell ill last month while in Playa del Carmen, south of Cancun as part of a driving holiday from Alaska to Argentina with his girlfriend. They were packing for a trip to Cuba when the young man collapsed on the floor of their hotel room.

The business systems analyst, who lived in both London and Vancouver since leaving Adelaide in 2007,  has suffered from Crohn´s disease since he was 14 was forced to undergo emergency surgery, in which more than 60cm of his bowel was removed. He was then placed in a medically induced coma after suffering severe blood poisoning.

He was then treated around the clock in the private hospital’s intensive care unit — at a cost of more than $30,000 a day — while with his mother, and girlfriend maintained a bedside vigil.

In a message to friends in Vancouver, he said: “I want to let everyone in Vancouver know that Kathi and I are overwhelmed with how you’ve supported us after only living there for 18 months. We love you all and miss you so much.”

Before being released from the hospital doctors performed a second surgery draining 600ml of fluid from his lungs, thorax, abdomen and intestines, which they believed caused his blood infection, high fever and heart rate. After recovering from the second surgery and after maintaining a stable heart rate and temperature he was released from the hospital.

It was once feared that he would need medical evacuation but instead was allowed to take a commercial flight back home. And he arrived just in time for Christmas.

-“A lot of things had to go right for me to still be alive. I am relieved as it has been a pretty tough month. I am just glad the hard part is done. At one point, the doctors said they would know in the next 24 hours if I would even make it.”– Mr Maudlen stated.

Mr Maudlen, who has lost up to 30kg, said he instantly feared the worst as he battled the “excruciating” pain.

He will now spend the foreseeable future in Adelaide recovering. He will visit the family specialist today and is expected to need more surgery.

A happy ending...  Ryan Maudlen,  back home in Adelaide with his parents Deb and Rob and girlfriend Katharina Reigl. Photo: Roy Van Der Vegt.

A happy ending…
Ryan Maudlen, back home in Adelaide with his parents Deb and Rob and girlfriend Katharina Reigl. Photo: Roy Van Der Vegt.

Sources. The Avertiser/TYT Newsroom

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