Published On: Tue, Jan 27th, 2015

Dragon Mart project closed by the Federal Government

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The Dragon Mart project in Quintana Roo was shut down by the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) due to damage to the ecosystem.


The Dragon Mart project aimed to build homes, office space, boat docking and an international product exhibition center south of Cancun. The project was being developed on a huge (150+ hectare) site. It is alleged that Dragon Mart began construction without first obtaining environmental impact statements, resulting in the Mexican environmental authority levying fines totaling $22 million pesos.

Dragon Mart Construction site

Dragon Mart Construction site

The spokesman of the President of the Republic, Eduardo Sanchez, said the fines and compensation levied were to cover environmental damage caused to date.  Sanchez explained that the criminal case is ongoing.


“The government of the Republic promotes sustainable investment while generating economic development, well-paying jobs, welfare for our communities and respect for the environment,” he said.


Meanwhile, the federal Environmental Protection Attorney, Guillermo Haro, reported that Profepa took action and determined the extent of environmental damage.


The Dragon Mart project is located in the estate “El Tucan” at kilometer 333 of the highway Chetumal- Cancun in the municipality of Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo.





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  1. Peter F says:

    I don’t mind it being shut down, even though the reasons are bullshit. What I am worried about is the impression we give to investors : you do everything they ask you to do, ( by the way- they had all the licences required) , the federal government issues your permit, the administration changes and the new guys revoke your licence, you can not do that as a country ,. I wouldn’t invest a cent in such a place where agreements are not respected

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