Published On: Sat, Dec 27th, 2014

Strange shapes appear in a barley field on Christmas morning near Mexico City

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Thousands of people stopped to have a look Thursday December 25 and Friday 27 on the Lecheria-Texcoco highway in Texcoco, State of Mexico (aobut 20 miles North of Mexico City), after odd-looking figures appeared in a field of barley.

Neighbors have reported there was nothing unusual about the field the day before, but on Christmas morning giant figures appeared, somewhat similar to the “crop circles” that have been seen in Europe and the United States. However, these figures had no distinct form.

That did not prevent many of the visitors to the site from concluding there was a message from other, perhaps divine beings in the sculpted barley.

One observer noted that it would have been difficult for a human being or a machine to have created the figures in the field.

People walking through Barley Field (Photo: Google)

People walking through Barley Field in Texcoco (Photo: Google)

The farm’s caretaker, however, had his own views on the matter: rain and wind during the night had knocked down some of the barley, leaving strange shapes. And now, with so many people walking through the field, not only were the shapes being trampled down, but so was the harvest.

So a tractor was dispatched to mow the field and save the crop.

That didn’t go down too well with some, who felt the phenomenon should have been respected, and protected. It was a jewel, said one, and a beautiful one at that if it God had sent it, and the government should have done something to give people more time for its contemplation.

Aerial View of Barley filed in Texcoco (Photo:

Aerial View of Barley filed in Texcoco (Photo:

Visitors took home photos and videos as keepsakes of the incident, and some a few sprigs of barley. “I’m going to keep this so one day I can tell my children what I saw,” said Kataline Guadalupe, holding a small stalk of barley in her hand.

Texcoco Barley Filed (Photo: Google)

Texcoco Barley Filed (Photo: Google)

State police, meanwhile, turned up to do something about getting the traffic moving and to advise those present that they were on private property. Few paid them any attention, though, as they took time to admire the miracle before it fell to the mower.

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