Published On: Tue, Dec 16th, 2014

More Confrontations in the Southern State of Guerrero

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Confrontations in Guerrero on Monday December 15th, left at least one Federal Police officer seriously injured, and in serious condition at a Federal District hospital, as weel as several other Police Agents badly hurt.

The incident began in the early-morning hours on Sunday when students from the Ayotzinapa teacher training college began preparing for a fund-raising concert in the town of Tixtla. But when they encountered three Federal Police officers, according to the official report, they attacked and detained them.

A few hours later one turned up in nearby Chilpancingo after being “brutally beaten” by members of the Ceteg teachers’ union, officials said.

Negotiations followed but while they were taking place an unidentified man in a truck struck the group of negotiators, injuring another six police.

During the afternoon the two remaining kidnapped officers were released, one of whom, suffering head injuries, was taken to hospital in the Federal District.


Federal Police Officers were brutally beaten” by members of the Ceteg teachers’ union (Photo: El Universal)


Members of the Ceteg teachers’ union set three vehicles on fire (Photo: El Universal)









As a background to all this, a group of hooded people presumed to be Ayotzinapa students turned up at the police training institute in Chilpancingo where they set fire to two vehicles. They set fire later to another vehicle, belonging to the DIF (integrated family development), and damaged a Federal Police ambulance.

The version offered by Ceteg says that students preparing for Sunday’s concert were attacked by police in one confrontation, tear-gassed in a second and attacked again in a third when police beat one man unconscious.

Protesters set fire to vehicles in Chilpancingo (Photo: Mexico Daily News)

Protesters set two vehicles on fire in Chilpancingo (Photo: Mexico Daily News)

Union members grabbed three officers in retaliation while police arrested a few of the former. The release of all those being held was successfully negotiated some time later, but Ceteg said its members returned physically beaten and barefoot.

The union has claimed that police officers had been drinking; security officials denied it.

All this took place after about 100 Ceteg members and other activists stormed an awards ceremony being held on Saturday by the Guerrero Reporters Club in Tlapa, the same city where a state Congressman was kidnapped by teachers on December 5.

Members of the union and the Popular Movement of Guerrero detained the 100 people present for up to four hours, releasing several during the course of the evening.

Several of the attendees told Mexico City Newspaper Milenio that they had been beaten and humiliated by their attackers, who later said their actions were justified because there should be no “parties” (fiestas), while the country is in mourning for the missing Ayotzinapa students.



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