Published On: Sat, Dec 27th, 2014

Mexico is bound to deport more people than the US back to Central America

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Data from Guatemala and Honduras indicate that more Central Americans have been expelled from Mexico than from the US.

Mexico could end up deporting more Central American migrants during 2014 than even the US, according to data from the entry points on its border in Guatemala, because last November it reported an increase of 47% in the number of expulsions in contrast to 2013, in a year defined by the massive exodus of unaccompanied children in search of the American Dream.

The General Migration Directorate of Guatemala informed to Mexico city Newspaper EL UNIVERSAL that the number of Central Americans deported from Mexico had an increase from 77,395 during 2013 to 107,199 in between January and December 2014, with a jump of 29,804 deportations before the end of the year. Meanwhile, the US deported 104,688 people.

"The Beast"

Mexico’s freight train known as “The Beast” (Photo: Google)

The Hondurans are on the first place, with 43,456, the Guatemalan follow with 41,731, while Salvadorans amount for 20,988 and Nicaraguans reach to 1,024. So far, in December 2,946 people have been deported, and the numbers keep growing.

In contrast, the number of Guatemalans and Honduras deported from the US from January to December went down from 88,563 in 2013 to 86,196 in 2014, according the Center for Attention to the Returned Immigrant in Honduras.



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