Published On: Thu, Dec 18th, 2014

Merida International Brass Festival 2014

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The second edition of the Merida International Brass Festival of Brass (MIBF2014), from 15 to 21 December this year, is taking place once again in the city of Mérida, Yucatán.

This festival is a benchmark for metal musicians at all levels as internationally renowned artists like Jeffrey Nelsen, Pacho Flores, Jacques Mauger, Loris Antiga and Erick Fritz (among many others), are featured in this one of a kind event.

MIBF’s goal is to share music making at its highest level among metal musicians worldwide. Besides inspiring and elevating the quality of training for future generations of musicians in Mexico and around the world.


Participants will have the opportunity to attend master lectures, in which the instructors work individually with each instrument and interact individually with every student, and all enter a contest with the opportunity to win .

But the best part of this project is the fact that the people of Merida get the chance to attend the different recitals and concerts that take place throughout the festival, and listen to these master musicians playing their instruments in a unique experience!


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Invited Artists:

Jeff Smith – Trompeta principal, Orquesta Sinfónica de Xalapa.

Romain Leleu – Solista International, Artista B&S.

Jens Lindemann – Trompetista International, ex integrante de Canadian Brass. Artista Yamaha.

Pacho Flores – Solista Internacional. Artista Deutsche Grammophon. Artista Stomvi.

Loris Antiga – Corno Co-Principal, London Symphony Orchestra.

Paco Rodriguez – Corno Principal, Orquesta Sinfónica del Liceu, Barcelona. Artista Hans Hoyer.

Jeffrey Nelsen – Maestro de corno Indiana University, EE.UU.

Iain Hunter – Trombon Principal, Orquesta Filarmonica Ciudad de Mexico. Artista Conn/Selmer.

James Meador – Trombon Bajo, OSY.

Ralph Sauer, Trombón Principal de Los Angeles Philarmonic por 32 años. Artista Shires.

Eric Fritz – Tuba Principal, Orquesta Sinfónica de Xalapa.

Alexander Freund -Trompetista integrante del quinteto de Metales M5.

José Lopez – Tubista Principal integrante del quinteto de Metales M5.

José Pepe Gallego – Pianista solista internacional.


Participating Ensambles:

ARS MUSICUM Ensamble barroco.

PURO CORNO: Corno Quartet.

Quinteto M5: México’s most important enamble.

AEOLUS: Metal Quintet.



For more information about MIBF2014, go to: 

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