Published On: Mon, Dec 22nd, 2014

How To Protect Your Pets From Fireworks

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Hiding under furniture or in a closet is a sign of anxiety in pets. Photo: Google

Animal Shelters urge pet owners to take preventative action due to use of fireworks during Christmas and New Year celebrations to keep the number of lost and/or stressed pets to a minimum. They also warn against the usage of these articles in homes with pets. The noise caused by fireworks, cause a high level of stress among dogs and cats, causing many of these to have strong anxiety attacks and others to flee their homes. Fireworks are very commonly found in both Christmas and New Year celebrations in Mexico.

In this sense, AFAD invites citizens and authorities, to avoid the use of pyrotechnics and take steps to prevent the escape of pets.

“What we have to do as responsible owners is do everything possible to make this holiday season as safe as possible for our pets,” said Lidia Saleh Angulo, president of AFAD. She noted that the most important thing is to be sure that your pet has a collar with name tags which ensures a higher percentage of recovering them in case they do go missing, it´s also recommended to have a carrier or cage large enough for your pet.


Lidia Saleh Angulo, president of AFAD Photo: A7

“At home it would be nice to have a carrier suitable for the size of the pet, so that it can be protected and comfortable, a sheet or towel should then be draped over the carrier covering it completely , and music or television should be turned on, this not only reduces the sound of the bursts of fireworks, but also allows the pet to  be comforted by the sound of music or voices, this is important to help reduce stress which can present in our pets” said Lidia Saleh Angulo.

She also added as a third choice the importance of talking to a veterinarian, if we are aware that our pet get overly anxious at this time of year and the above measures haven’t seemed to work, ask if there are any medications that can be recommended according to the size and weight of our pet so the anxiety can be controlled.


Sources: AFAD/Alicia Newsroom/MVZ. Juan Luis Cano

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