Published On: Tue, Dec 16th, 2014

Hoteliers Give Away Tickets For “Kukulcan Nights” In Chichen Itza

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"Kukulkan Nights" Chichen Itza Castle

“Kukulkan Nights” Chichen Itza Castle

The State Government seeks to position Yucatán and the light and sound show “Nights of Kukulcan” as a Cultural Tourism world class destination, a “must visit” during a trip to Southern Mexico. The admission will be free for the first six months, starting next Friday December 19th, for tourists staying at any local hotel, where they can order their tickets.

The Secretary of Tourism Development, Saul Ancona Salazar, accompanied by the director of Cultur, Enrique Villamil Magadan, and the State delegate of the INAH Eduardo López Calzada, noted that the mechanism to get tickets to access the Mayan area can be found on

The tourism official explained that the night tours are offered Tuesday through Sunday, which include a walk through the main landmarks of Chichén Itzá to conclude videomaping projection on the west side of the pyramid of Kukulcan.

The script was written and supervised by specialists from INAH and projection lasts 25 minutes. The tour will last one hour.


He explained that  reservations can be made through the website, but they must meet some indications on how to get to the archaeological site 15 minutes early, because once  the tour starts, latecomers may not be incorporated and will have to wait until the projection. This measure is to maintain order and no visitors arwe allowed to walk  around the area at night.

The capacity is for 300 people per function and two functions will be screened daily throughout the week. (-except for Monday-)

During winter, access to the area will be at 7 pm and in the summer at 8 pm.

Source: Secretaría de Fomento

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  1. Ulysses says:

    On the 13th July, 2016, after booking at a hotel just to be able to enjoy the night show as we had done some times before, we were extremely disappointed to find out we were refused access to the night walk during “Noches de Kukulcán.”

    We waited on the queue outside until the doors were opened on time at 8 pm, meanwhile we were paying attention to the instructions offered through PA, use of flash, cell phones, night walk, etc. Once they had checked the access tickets one by one, we walked towards the main terrace.

    Once there, we were refused access to the night walk. We were told the information offered through PA by the Yucatan Government wasn’t right (on the words of the watchmen). They made us take a seat straight away and wait until 9 pm for the show to start. According to the watchmen, this was because access to the Ball Game (where the walk starts) is closed at 8.10 pm, later we were told it is closed at 8.15, finally they said we had to put up with it since it is a free event (!?). We were asking for access at 8.13 pm. There were about 80 people, most of them didn’t understand what was going on, people from Argentina, USA, Germany, Canada, Spain, Mexico…

    We have been there some other times and it is really fabulous to walk around the Pyramid of Kukulcan at night, but if the experience is going to depend on the mood of the people working there, it’s really not worth using a day of your vacation, staying at a hotel in Pisté, Valladolid or the kind, just to sit on a chair watching “a movie”. I would really like to know if anything will be done about it. Both Quintana Roo and Yucatan have so much to offer to make us waste our time (and money!) this way. Organization and attitude are awful, which is really sad.

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