Published On: Tue, Dec 23rd, 2014

Another Case Of Bad Care Provided By Social Security Hospitals In Yucatan

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A video has been recently circulating on Facebook regarding what it seems to be a new and nothing surprising case of bad care provided by Social Security (IMSS) hospitals in Yucatán and the rest of Mexico, the video has gone viral, and it shows evidence of the lack of care at an IMSS clinic in the city of Merida, Yucatán.

The recording shows an older gentleman, who is assisted by relatives, while lying at the base of a sculpture representing the emblem of Social Security in the hospital “Ignacio Garcia Tellez” premises.

According to the publisher of the recording, this demonstrates the lack of attention by Medical Staff in such places. She explains that the patient has been waiting for assistance for a long time; he has presented symptoms of bad health and fainted, and even though a person who seems to be wearing a doctor’s coat, was informed of the situation, he did not provide the necessary help.

The file was published last December 12 in the Facebook account of Angies Villanueva, it has been reproduced more than 50 thousand times and shared almost 2 thousand times by users on that network.

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Video source: YouTube

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