Published On: Thu, Dec 18th, 2014

ADO Files Criminal Charges Against Taxi Union (FUTV)

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ADO sues Taxi drivers Photo: Yucatan al Minuto

ADO sues FUTV Taxi Union 
Photo: Yucatan al Minuto

Autobuses de Oriente Group (ADO) has filed criminal charges against the Mexican Association Carriers Organization (AMOTAC) and Workers United Front of Taxis (FUTV) for the financial detriment caused against ADO with their maneuvers, trying to avoid them from working in the Merida Airport facilities.

As it was published on The Yucatan Times, last Monday December 15th, members of the Merida Taxi Union/FUTV, led by Hector Fernandez Zapata positioned their units just outside the terminal to prevent taxis of ADO Group to begin providing transportation services. (Merida´s Airport Blocked)

 Fernandez Zapata, who is also a local delegate for the PRI political party, after a meeting with Hector Navarrete Muñoz, director of ASUR (Southeast Airports) in Merida, announced that the agreement between ASUR and ADO, was that ADO could provide service “only in case FUTV taxi drivers had no more installed capacity” (meaning, not enough taxi cabs).

Therefore, Carlos Arias Amaya, divisional director of ADO, together with its legal advisors, announced that they do not recognize the agreement and would go through the appropriate conduit of the law, to enforce the contract that both parties had signed and that also, they will be suing all the corporations cited by the blockade against ADO, assuring the above mentioned, have caused economic losses for the company, which failed to provide the service at Mérida International Airport, and will follow the legal channels in order to provide this service.

Source: Yucatan al minuto

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  1. Alan-Merida says:

    Airport taxi rates at the Mérida airport are a rip-off, whether the select FUTV taxis that provide the service, or the ADO taxis. Not as bad a rip-off as taxi rates in Cancun, but…
    The last time wife and I arrived at Merida airport, we walked the fairly long distance to Av. Aviacion, after learning the going airport rate. The cab we picked up on the street charged us half the airport rate, and provided good service.
    The market sharing that Mexican firms practice protect their profits at the expense of users/consumers. The local bus routes should be allowed to enter and serve the airport.
    As for the taxi drivers’ complaints against ADO taking over services beyond intercity busing, Centro and Noreste have had similar issues against the spreading octopus that is ADO.

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