Published On: Wed, Nov 5th, 2014

Prince Charles of Wales danced “Sarao” in Campeche!

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Prince Charles of Wales arrived in the archaeological area of Edzná, where he listened to the explanations provided by expert Antonio Benavides about a five story building in the site, among other subjects.

The crown prince arrived without his consort, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who had to remain in Mexico City due to a recommendation by her medical team, according to the British embassy.

The Prince visited the archaeological area of Edzná, 40 minutes away from the state capital, with Benavides and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Antonio Meade, as well as the general director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), María Teresa Franco.

Also, governor Fernando Ortega Bernés, and the British Minister of Foreign Affairs for Latin-America, Hugo Swire Monistro, accompanied Prince Charles along the way.

In this area, the Prince spoke with Jesús Alfredo Ehuan Xool, a traditional musician from the town of Pomuch, and cultural promoter Juana Segovia Bonilla, who spoke briefly with him about the traditions of the area, a mixture between the Mayan and European traditions.

He also climbed to the top of the “Nohochná” building, the “Big House”, 442 yards long and oriented north, 101 feet wide and 30 feet tall, with a wide stair formed by 15 steps on its eastern side.

The building has four enormous rooms on top, with enormous pilasters in the entrance.

Prince Charles even managed a few jokes on his Royal tour to Campeche, despite the temporary absence of his wife the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Prince of Wales compared himself to one of Mexico’s ancient monuments as he posed for a picture, joking “one old ruin in front of another”.

"One old ruin in front of another" (Prince Charles of Wales, Campeche 2014) Photo:

One old ruin in front of another” joked Prince Charles of Wales, in Edzná, Campeche (Photo:

Charles quipped about the weathered state of both himself and the centuries-old Edzna Maya archaeological site as he toured the huge city complex in a jungle clearing.

But missing was the Duchess of Cornwall, who had cancelled all her engagements on the penultimate day of the couple’s Mexican tour because of a sinus problem.

The heir to the throne commented briefly about his wife, pointing to his ear and saying “sinus, such bad luck”.

Edzna is believed to have been inhabited by the Maya people from around 400BC to the 15th century when some unknown calamity or crucial environmental problem saw it abandoned.

Prince Charles touring the Archaeological site of Edzna (Photo: Excelsior)

Prince Charles touring the Archaeological site of Edzna (Photo: Excelsior)

The sophisticated civilisation near the coastal town of Campeche has features of a modern city such as an expert drainage system and rainwater collection scheme.

Alfredo Euan Xool, a Mexican of Maya descent, met Charles at the site’s enormous plaza and in the shadow of the main building the Great Acropolis, which has five storeys and a row of steep steps leading to the top.

He said: “People of high status lived here, maybe two to three thousand, and the rest of society lived in the surrounding area.

“We don’t know why they abandoned it, there are theories, maybe there was a drought or maybe the harvest failed for some other reason.”

Charles spent around an hour touring the ancient ruins that covered the sprawling site.

Afterwards, he traveled to the Biosphere Reserve of Los Petenes.

Prince Charles danced in Campeche (Photo:

Prince Charles danced in Campeche (Photo:

Dozens of astonished Campechanos watched Prince Charles dancing "Sarao" (Photo: Excelsior)

Dozens of astonished Campechanos watched Prince Charles dancing “Sarao” (Photo: Excelsior)
















The Prince ended the day with a meeting in the Women Justice Center and then he actively participated in a cultural event in the historical district, downtown Campeche, where he danced to the rythm of “Sarao”.




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