Published On: Fri, Nov 14th, 2014

5 cars with great Fuel Economy… and 5 with great Fuel Consumption

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According to Automotive Consultant Company J. D. Power, the National Institute of Ecology and PROFECO, the Mazda 6 is the vehicle with the greatest gasoline expense and the Hyundai i10, the most efficient, talking about the Mexican market.
The report says that the fuel consumption has become an important consideration in the consumer’s decision to purchase a car in Mexico, with the constant increases in the price of gasoline, and that 39 percent of the purchase of a car in the country is defined by Fuel Economy .

Fuel Economy a

Fuel Economy an important consideration in the consumer’s decision to purchase a car in Mexico (Photo: XEU Veracruz)

J. D. Power added that the Hyundai i10 is the car that has the best performance in the Mexican market, generating fuel costs of $10,700 pesos for every 15 000 kilometers (one year average); followed by the Chevrolet Spark, with an expense of $11,700 pesos a year; the Toyota Yaris, with $11,900 pesos; the Nissan Note with $12,300 pesos; and the Nissan Sentra, with $13,200 pesos.

Finally, this report determined that the cars consuming more gasoline are the Mazda 6, with $27,600 pesos per year, followed by the Dodge Dart, with 25,400 pesos; Dodge Avenger, with $24 ,800 pesos; Peugeot 308 with $24,000 pesos and the Renault Fluence, with $23,800 pesos a year.



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