Published On: Fri, Oct 24th, 2014

There are 2, 584 Endangered Species in Mexico

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Mexico is a country rich in wildlife and makes up about 10 percent of the species living in the world; at least half of these are endemic. Unfortunately many of these species are endangered or at risk.


Throughout the country, we can find over 200,000 species that inhabit in different states and thanks to that mega-diversity of the nation, Mexico is positioned in the 3rd place worldwide, from these species at least 2,584 are at risk due to their habitats destruction and other type of abuse.


The states where these species are located are Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila,Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Durango, Jalisco, Tabasco, Veracruz, Campeche, Oaxaca,Chiapas, Yucatan, Quintana Roo and Mexico City. It has been reported that Mexico is the country with the most critical locationsand Oaxaca as the state with the largest number of endangered species sites in the country.

Marcella Kelly uses a variety of devices, including motion-sensitive cameras, to study jaguars such as this one, photographed in a tropical forest preserve in Belize. (M.J. Kelly/Virginia Tech)

Some of the endangered animals in Mexican territory are the following; mammals: anteater,armadillo, spider monkey, howler monkey, ocelot, Mexican wolf, prairie dog, jaguar, black bear, volcano rabbit, tapir, vaquita and manatee. The birds: red macaw, green macaw,Socorro dove; reptiles, loggerhead turtle, and American crocodile; and the endemic amphibian the Mexican salamander. This last one is in a critical state and a study is on the way to determine is the specie has completely disappeared, in the last study only 100 specimens where found.


In Mexico there are protected areas for some species, which seek to recover or at least not decrease the actual number of species. That is why it’s very important to join efforts, since we all need to take into account that our actions have consequences and we must respect these and all of the other living creatures whom we share our world with.

Source: Mexico News Network

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