Published On: Mon, Oct 27th, 2014

Father Solalinde was not welcome in Ayotzinapa, the town of the 43 missing students

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The people of Ayotzinapa had warned that they would burn Solalinde alive for saying that their children had been burned and deposited in mass graves.

If my son is in a grave, tell me which one,” yelled a man to the priest and human rights activist Alejandro Solalinde Guerra, while a group demanding the presentation of the 43 students disappeared in Ayotzinapa kept him from holding mass in the area, asking for the return of the young men and women whose whereabouts have been unknown for the last month.

Solalinde Guerra said a few days ago that the students “were taken to a solitary place where they made them walk for a few miles. There were many open pits there. They were put inside and then they covered them with logs, wood, planks. Then they threw diesel on them and they burned them.” Those statements caused the inconformity of the parents of the missing students, to the point of warning that “if that priest comes here, we will burn him alive!

“If my son is in a grave, tell me which one,” yelled a man to Solalinde (Photo: El Universal)

“If my son is in a grave, tell me which one,” yelled a man to Solalinde (Photo: El Universal)

But father Solalinde was able to enter the Teachers Training College in Ayotzinapa and met for more than an hour with some of the parents, while others blocked the Acapulco – Mexico City “Sun Highway” (A, as part of their actions in order to have their children returned to them. After the dialogue, to which parents and students reluctantly agreed, they decided not to allow Solalinde to conduct a mass and he walked away from the area at 4:00 pm, just two hours after his arrival.

In an interview, Solalinde said that his arrival to Ayotzinapa was in response to an invitation by some parents and students, who he had met in Mexico City when they participated in a mass to ask for justice and demand the presentation of the youngsters alive, but he said that they were not available at the moment, perhaps because they were participating in the blockade.


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