Published On: Thu, Sep 18th, 2014

Lack of Security and Shortage of Public Services in Los Cabos

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The people of Cabo San Lucas is living a nightmare in the aftermath of Hurricane Odile, they demand the Mexican authorities to take control of the situation, restore security and basic services to the community.

The lack of food, electricity and drinking water is a problem that brings despair among the inhabitants of Los Cabos after the impact of “Odile” in the peninsula of Baja California Sur.

“We are living in critical times,” said Roberto, one of many citizens waiting to get a box with basic food products outside the military detachment in San José del Cabo.

Man looting destroyed department store

Man looting destroyed department store

“We can not buy food, most of the stores were looted and there is nothing left,” Roberto added.

Devastated Gas Station in Cabo San Lucas

Devastated Gas Station in Cabo San Lucas

In this scenario we must add that there are just three working gas stations in Los Cabos, so there is a long line of vehicles waiting to fill the tanks.

Cabo Airport

"War Zone" in Cabo San Lucas

“War Zone” in Cabo San Lucas (Photo:

The Day After

The Day After

Other citizens have reported gang members breaking into houses armed with machetes and knives.

Federal, state and municipal authorities said that the essential public services will be restored during the next weeks.




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