Ask her to marry you in the most Exotic Place

For the ultimate in romantic atmosphere, descend into one of the cenote cave systems dripping with stalactites to pop the question (Photo: USA Today)

We give you the 15 top places to pop the question in Mexico.

A hopeful groom will find himself halfway to success as soon as he and his prospective bride land in Mexico. The culture, music, cuisine and gorgeous landscapes combine to create a romantic ambience. With Mexico on his side, it only remains for a groom to get a little creative in popping the question.


Nohoch Mul: For a Maya-tinged proposal in the Riviera Maya, couples can visit the ancient city of Coba and climb the 124 steps of the Maya temple, Nohoch Mul. Hopeful suitors can propose against a panoramic jungle backdrop reminiscent of a scene from an Indiana Jones movie. Make sure your future bride isn’t afraid of heights — otherwise she won’t hear a word you say.

Coba, Quintana Roo
Coba, Quintana Roo

Romantic dinner on the beach: When a guy books a beachfront resort in Mexico for him and his girl, he should do a little research and choose one that offers a romantic private dinner on the beach. The rest is easy — just make the arrangements without letting her know. Then take a walk at sundown with your bride-to-be and lead her towards a beautiful candlelit table at the edge of the sea. For maximum effect, arrange a path of candles leading to the table, with a single rose, a bottle of champagne and a trio of musicians providing a romantic atmosphere.


Monarch butterfly migration: Monarch butterflies flock from Canada in late October to Mexico’s central highlands every year, with some people putting the number of migrating butterflies at one billion. The best place to see them is the Reserva de la Biosfera Mariposa Monarca, where a prospective groom can present a ring with a million wingmen at his back.


Tulum: Step onto Tulum beach with your honey directly below the Riviera Maya’s iconic cliff-side Maya temple and fortress city. Without a doubt, this is the most picturesque archaeological site in all of Mexico, and the only one to be built with an ocean view. Time your proposal in the morning, when the beach at Tulum is most secluded. Book nights in one of Tulum’s romantic beachfront resorts so you and your bride-to-be can really soak up the Caribbean Sea ambience.

Tulum Wedding
Tulum Wedding

Playa del Amor: The name says it all — Lover’s Beach. The beach is at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, in Cabo San Lucas, providing spectacular views of Cabo’s iconic El Arco rock arch. The only way to get to the beach is via glass-bottom boat or water taxi, making the spot even more special.


Dolphinaris Park: If a guy wants to melt his girl’s heart, he should bring her to Dolphinaris Park in the Riviera Maya. Most guests at the facility swim or interact with the dolphins and call it a day. Prospective grooms can arrange a dolphin swim proposal where the dolphin actually swims across the pool to deliver the ring to the future bride.


Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar: The UNESCO World Heritage Site city of San Miguel de Allende provides one show-stopping Spanish-colonial vision after another. To get the full effect, book a table an hour before sunset at the Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar at Rosewood San Miguel de Allende. As the evening deepens, produce a ring while the city lights up for the night.

Wedding in San Miguel de Allende
Wedding in San Miguel de Allende

Miralto: Mexico City has an exciting pulse all its own, being one of the most vibrant cities in the world. A prospective groom can make that excitement work for him by proposing at midnight at the rooftop bar and restaurant, Miralto, which sits atop Mexico City’s first skyscraper. Miralto gets busy on the weekends, so choose a weeknight when the ambience is more tranquil.


Maya Cenotes: For a magical setting, choose one of the cenotes found throughout the Yucatan. Cenotes are natural, underground wells with a mysterious and magical lagoon atmosphere. The cenotes were sacred to the Maya and even now modern-day Mayas believe in the existence of Alux, mischievous supernatural creatures — a Mexican version of the leprechaun. For the ultimate in romantic atmosphere, descend into one of the cenote cave systems dripping with stalactites to pop the question.

For the ultimate in romantic atmosphere, descend into one of the cenote cave systems dripping with stalactites to pop the question (Photo: USA Today)
For the ultimate in romantic atmosphere, descend into one of the cenote cave systems dripping with stalactites to pop the question (Photo: USA Today)

Participate in a turtle-release program: This is one of those heart-warming experiences that can be had on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Mexico. A couple can pitch in and help endangered hatchling sea turtles make their way to the sea and feel good about themselves as they contemplate a future together.


San Francisco: The small town of San Francisco, locally known as San Pancho, is famous for its sunsets. People — both locals and visitors — make the trek every evening to the town’s beach to observe the sun dipping into the sea. There’s a wonderful sense of community on the beach, making it a great choice for thoughtful lovers.


Cancun Underwater Museum: This is one of Cancun’s newer attractions, an underwater sculpture museum of life-sized figures. If a guy and his future bride are certified scuba divers they can explore the underwater installation of over 400 figures. The museum has an ecological component, since the sculptures supply a habitat where sea creatures can thrive. Pick the right moment and produce the ring and watch the bride-to-be’s eyes go wide behind her face mask.

Agua Azul, Chiapas (Photo: Enrique Arellanos)

Chiapas waterfall: A waterfall is a perfect setting for romance and Chiapas has several that can compare to the best in Hawaii. Perhaps the most beautiful is the Cataratas de Agua Azul, also called the Blue Waterfall. The waterfall consists of several blue-water cascades, with the biggest being 20 feet high. Swimming is permitted in some of the waterfall pools, but stay clear of posted areas. Go during the week for the optimum privacy.


Hire a mariachi band: It’s not hard for a couple to find a mariachi band to serenade them — sit still in one place and chances are good they’ll find you. For the ultimate mariachi experience, a prospective groom should lead his sweetheart to Mexico City’s Plaza Garibaldi, a festive scene where some of the finest mariachis in the country vie for dollars. For maximum effect, learn the lyrics to a romantic Spanish ballad like Chayenne’s Yo te Amo and serenade your girl.

Mariachi Style Wedding (Photo:
Mariachi Style Wedding (Photo:

Tukipa: Imanta Resort Punta de Mita in Riviera Nayarit has a mystique all its own. A two-mile drive through verdant jungle brings lovers to a collection of villas with magnificent foliage and sea views. Book one of the three outdoor tables at Tukipa, the resort’s restaurant, and bask in a romantic setting sure to set the right mood for the big question.





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