Published On: Tue, Aug 26th, 2014

Two Psychiatrists Suspected of Murdering their Colleague

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The president of the College of Psychiatrists of Yucatan, Luis Enrique Lara Gonzalez, was arrested this morning by agents of the Attorney General, accused of murdering his fellow psychiatrist and mentor Professor Felipe Triay Peniche, to prevent him from receiving an award to which Lara Gonzalez also aspired.
(Article published on August 22nd, The Yucatan Times)
Yucatan authorities confirmed the arrest of Luis Enrique Lara Gonzalez, along with another person identified only as “Pablo G. Santos” from Mexico City, also a psychiatrist. 
Luis Enrique Lara Gonzalez

Luis Enrique Lara Gonzalez

The two medical professionals were arrested early Monday morning after authorities concluded their preliminary investigations into the murder of the renowned specialist Felipe Triay Peniche, who was found dead inside his truck abandoned in the parking lot of a shopping center last week. The official report revealed that the victim had been stabbed 22 times. 
The investigators found that the victim left a party hosted by the Psychiatrists College in a hotel in Mérida on Friday August 15, accompanied by his attackers, and was taken to a property in the Garcia Gineres neighborhood as part of a prearranged plan to kill him.
After an extensive investigation that included review of surveillance cameras, fingerprint analysis, and searches at various locations, the Attorney General’s Office (FGE) issued arrest warrants against the two colleagues for the murder of Professor Felipe Triay Peniche.  Luis Enrique Lara, 35 years old, and Pablo Santos, 33, both psychiatrists by profession, are now facing charges of murder.
Authorities believe that at least one of the suspects came to offer condolences to the family of the victim during the memorial service.

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