Published On: Mon, Aug 11th, 2014

Summer “Ass Grabber” on the loose, causing panic among girls and housewives in Chicxulub Puerto

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Progreso Municipal Police have received several reports of a pervert in Chicxulub Puerto who is breaking into people’s homes to “watch and/or touch” women’s butts while they are asleep or in the shower.
This man is just crazy about grabbing ass…
The suspect, now known as the “ass grabber”, is causing a panic among young ladies and housewives who are now afraid of being alone, even in the privacy of their own homes. 
A number of women have been sexually molested by this man.  Worse still, he has yet to be identified, since he wears a baseball cap to hide his face, and according to some of the victims’ testimonies, he removes his shoes before entering the property to avoid being heard while walking through the house.
The most recent case in Chicxulub Puerto happened at 3 o´clock in the morning, on Monday August 4th, on Calle 36, when a young girl was molested while she slept in her bedroom.  The suspect entered through a window and crept into the girl’s bedroom and started touching her.  She woke up screaming for help, but the pervert jumped out the window and ran away without being identified.  The victim’s family called the Municipal Police, but a search of the neighborhood failed to find the attacker.  Similar reports have been made in other parts of Chicxulub Puerto.
The suspect, now known as the "ass grabber", is causing a panic among young ladies and housewives

The suspect, now known as the “ass grabber”, is causing a panic among young ladies and housewives

Parents and husbands of victims are looking for the suspect and are threatening to administer “vigilante justice” when they find him.  Others, however, declare that the suspect may be mentally disturbed and in need of professional medical help.
The man is still at large, and Progreso Municipal Police are looking forward to arresting him on charges of sexual harassment and illegal entry.



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