Published On: Thu, Aug 21st, 2014

In Mexico, Internet users are young, use mobile devices and like Facebook: comScore

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Three factors stand out in a study and analysis of Internet use in Mexico: young people are the most active users, the device of choice is mobile and the most popular destinations are social networks.

The study by the analytics firm comScore found that one of every four Internet pages was viewed in Mexico on a smartphone or tablet, and that this country has the second largest Internet audience in Latin America. Brazil is first.

Digital Future Mexico 2014 also found that Mexico has the highest mobile penetration in the region, and that the most common mobile operating system is Android.

Social media is the most popular destination for surfers, and Facebook is at the top of the list.

Mexican Internet users are young, use mobile devices and like Facebook most of all

Mexican Internet users are young, use mobile devices and like Facebook most of all

Here are some highlights from the comScore study:

• Mexicans spend far less time online — 14.8 hours per month — than the global average of 22.8.

• But they spend a bit more time on each page, 0.84 minutes, compared to 0.67 worldwide.

• Young people aged 15-24 represent 36.5% of the Internet audience. About 61% are under 34, the highest level in the world.

• Mexico has 25.4 million Internet users, second only to Brazil in Latin America, which has 70.9 million.

• Social media has the highest reach in Mexico than any other country, at 98.3%. The global average is 85.4%.

• The top five social media sites for Mexicans are Facebook, YouTube,Taringa, Slideshare and Twitter.

• Mobile penetration in Latin America is highest in Mexico and Chile. For Mexico, 23% of pages visited are viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

• And the number of pages that were viewed on any device other than a PC shot up by 81% over 2013.

• Android has 75% of the mobile market, followed by iOS and Windows.

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