Published On: Thu, Aug 21st, 2014

Hollywood actors offer reward for Yucatan “Dog-Rapist”

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Hollywood actors offer reward for Yucatan “Dog-Rapist”
The case of sexual abuse to a little dog in Tizimín has transcended the Yucatan, all the way to Hollywood, where actor and film director Raul Julia Levy is now offering a $60,000 pesos (approximately $4,800 USD) reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for the brutal attack.
The rape was reported by several newspapers and news websites including The Yucatan Times:
Raul Julia Levy is the son of late famous actor Raul Julia, who is mostly known in Mexico for his character as “Gomez Adams” in the “The Adams Family”.  Julia Levy is a member of the Animal Delta Society, an organization that helps people live happier and healthier lives through the use of service and therapy animals.  
Julia declared that he was totally outraged by the rape and the way perpetrator tried to blind the animal, as was reported to the Public Prosecutor by the dog’s owner.  The dog, “Max”, had to be euthanized to avoid further suffering.
Actor and film director Raul Julia Levy and his Yorkshire dog

Actor and film director Raul Julia Levy and his Yorkshire dog (Archive Photo)

Julia found out about this barbaric crime through social media, and contacted the Revista Formal Prisión Yucatecan News website, asking them to publish the reward offer.
Actors Johnny Depp and Wesley Snipes, who also heard about the case, are supporting Julia in this cause.

The dog, “Max”, had to be euthanized to avoid further suffering (Photo: formal prision)

Julia said the animal protective association “Delta Society” shares his outrage over the incident and demands punishment for those responsible.
“We will do our part to find the person responsible; this is an act of savagery that only an evil sick individual could perpetrate and he should be in jail,” he said.

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