Published On: Thu, Jul 3rd, 2014

World famous Dj Dash Berlin films video in Yucatan

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Dash Berlin is a Dutch trance music project created in 2007 by Jeffrey Sutorius, Eelke Kalberg, and Sebastiaan Molijn.The front man of the group is the DJ Jeffrey Sutorius a.k.a Dash Berlin, the 10th most popular DJ in the world according to DJ Mag in 2013 (wikipedia).

Sutorius initially started playing drums influenced by his late father who was a drummer in a jazz band, before discovering electronic music.

Their track “Better Off Alone” was one of the first EDM/Trance records that became big in the United States and was later sampled by French superstar DJ David Guetta and one of America’s biggest rappers Wiz Khalifa in his breakthrough record “Say Yeah”.

Berlin has also worked with recording artists such as Janet Jackson, BT, Usher, N.E.R.D., Lenny Kravitz, Junkie XL, Röyksopp, Mylo, and Annie Lennox (among others).

Dj Dash Berlin

Dj Dash Berlin

After having spent several days in Mexico shooting the new video for his latest hit “Here Tonight”, Dash Berlin went off to Toronto for his set at the Digital Dreams Festival.

Many scenes of this new video were filmed at natural scenarios of the beautiful state of Yucatan, and Dash declared to have “fallen in love” with our land, and decided to make a bet for the Sunday June 29th,  Netherlands vs Mexico match of the World Cup.

Obviously, Dash is a huge Netherlands fan, he was rooting for his team to send Mexico back home. And so, he made a bet with Barcel, the Mexican snack company who had been providing treats for Dash and the video crew for a week.

Dash Berlin

Dash Berlin and members of his crew in Merida

If Mexico would’ve won the match, Dash would’ve flashed a Mexico National Football Team Jersey during his “Digital Dreams” performance in Toronto, Canada on Sunday June 29th; but, as we all know, the Netherlands defeated Mexico and Barcel lost the bet. Therefore they will fund the rehabilitation of a football field in Yucatán, Mexico for local kids to use in Dash’s name.


Dash Berlin Bets His Shirt – Literally – on Netherlands vs Mexico World Cup Game Posted by EDM News on June 29, 2014


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