Published On: Fri, Jul 25th, 2014

Sea Turtle Found on the Beach of Chicxulub

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A Sea Turtle of the “Carey” kind washed up on the shore of Chicxulub, in the Municipality of Progreso.  It had suffered injuries on its head and its shell, which apparently kept it from returning to the sea.  The animal appeared distressed and spent more than three hours wandering on the shore and in shallow water, until a state police patrol arrived to rescue it.  For several hours vacationers had approached the marine animal, taking photographs and even touching it, which is very dangerous, since Turtles commonly carry Salmonella on their outer skin and shell surfaces, bacteria contagious to humans.

The turtle was first spotted around 7:30 am by María Elizabeth Canto, who sells newspapers on the Malecón, and who immediately reported it to the local police.

A Sea Turtle of the "Carey" kind washed up on the shore of Chicxulub

A Sea Turtle of the “Carey” kind washed up on the shore of Chicxulub

The turtle was rescued by staff of the Progreso Municipal Ecology Department at 1:30 pm and taken to the turtle camp at the Technology Studies Center of the Sea, but it died shortly after.  Javier Couoh Jiménez, municipal director of Ecology, said the turtle was sick, apparently from cancer.  It was also showing signs of gangrene, a life-threatening condition that arises when a considerable mass of body tissue dies. It is advised that anybody who touched the animal report to the Progreso Municipal Ecology Department, where authorities will instruct them on how to proceed.

A marine biologist will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death and age of the creature.

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