Published On: Wed, Jul 23rd, 2014

PROFECO inaugurates New “Advice and Information module” at Merida International Airport

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Bad service to travelers is the third most common complaint received by the Mexican Federal Consumer Office (PROFECO), so it is important that travelers have access to an information module that can help solve their problems, said the head of the unit, Lorena Martínez Rodríguez.  Visiting from Mexico City, the officer cut the ribbon to officially open the new “Advice and Information Module” at the Merida International Airport Manuel Crescencio Rejón. 
Martínez Rodríguez also established a module in Valladolid, and was thanked by the mayor, Roger Alcocer Garcia for the inauguration.
Lorena Martinez said that the most frequent complaints PROFECO receives are related to telecommunications services, followed by issues with the CFE and services relating to tourism. 
When an airline wants to charge you for extra luggage, they will need to weigh your bags on an official scale. We will have one at every airport” she said.
Profeco Module

Profeco Module

She also noted that when passengers get off the plane and do not receive the service offered or have some kind of complaint, they need to talk to the authority.
“Now we have an official module at this airport, where consumers can file formal complaints, and they will be heard, informed and guided by the proper authorities” she added.  The module is in the public view, in the general waiting room.
Asur director, Héctor Navarrete Muñoz, also participated in the inauguration.

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