Published On: Tue, Jul 8th, 2014

Nude driver causes accident and flees on foot

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On the night of July 7th, 2014, the driver of a vehicle who was apparently driving naked and under the influence of alcohol crashed his Ford Fiesta, license plates ZAH-44-13, in a spectacular traffic accident on the corner of Merida 2000 Avenue and Calle 61, in the Xoclán neighborhood in southwest Mérida. 
The man, who was driving West on Calle 61, did not make a stop on the corner of Mérida 2000 Avenue, and was struck by a southbound Chevy with license plates ZAS-24-36 driven by a woman.
The Ford Fiesta crashed directly into the Chevy’s driver’s door, which caused both vehicles to make a 180º degree spin.
Witnesses reported that after the impact, the driver of the Ford Fiesta, a man in his 40s who was completely naked, left the scene, ran down Calle 61 in “his birthday suit” , and headed toward Colonia Xoclán Bech.

The driver left the scene and ran down Calle 61 in “his birthday suit”

Although the accident occurred shortly before midnight, several businesses were still open, such as the “Divino Niño” grocery store, a salbutes and tamales stand on the right side of Calle 62, where several witnesses reported seeing a naked man running down the street.
“He wasn’t even wearing shoes” said Mrs. Socorro Peraza, who was outside her home on Calle 62 with her two daughters when the accident occurred.
It appears the naked driver was not alone; another man around 25 years of age was also in the Ford Fiesta. He remained at the scene for a few minutes, but later escaped in a “Moto-Taxi”. A bottle of vodka was found inside the car.
Police agents searched for the naked fugitive but could not locate him. The Almeida Ruiz family, whose house is on Calle 47, Colonia Juan Pablo II, said they saw a naked man trying to break into a house. To get there, the suspect would have had to cross at least three colonias: Xoclán, Juan Pablo II and Mulsay totally naked and on foot.

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